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So, this is my first Chronically Speaking blog post!

In case you don’t know me, my name is Lydia and I have been blogging for about two years at Being Lydia. So, why am I starting up another blog?

Well Chronically Speaking is not just a blog. It is just in its infancy, but I am hoping it will be a “meeting place” where people can get information on what a chronic illness is, whether they have one or someone they love does. The more people who understand what is really going on with a person who “doesn’t look sick” the sooner we can take the “In” out of “Invisible Illness” and concentrate more on dealing with the diagnoses themselves.

What will you find here? I am hoping for a mix of medical information, personal experience and a variety of reference materials.

I will need help though so if you want to share your story or have information that may be helpful, you can reach me on our contact page!

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